Activity Report to BGANZ Council

BGANZ-NZ Regional Group
May 30th 2013

Regional Committee Meetings held:
May 27th at New Plymouth hosted by Pukekura Park and supported by the New Plymouth Regional Council.

Partnership Development:

RNZIH – National Plant Collections - Work is continuing on scoping the database. This has been contracted to Landcare Research. Sourcing and digitising of plant source material is continuing. BGANZ-NZ Region members have agreed to export their plant records information for inclusion in the project. M Dawson of RNZIH is to provide details on the format. Information from the plants Collection database will also added to improve detail iof other national plants databases.
NZRA - New Zealand Recreation Association – 3P’s (Plants People and Parks) Conference was held in Christchurch 25th-28th February. Primarily a wider Parks orientated conference this was attended by some BGANZ members.


Other Activities:

BGANZ Internships;- A second year of the BGANZ- NZ Internship programme has been reviewed - Director, Hamilton Gardens Peter Sergel and operations Manager Christchurch Botanic Gardens Jeremy Shearer reported that placements at their gardens were providing valuable contribution. This programme use the opportunity of summer vocational work to target and provide tertiary horticultural/botany students with a range of specific learning experiences in a botanic garden.
Mellinium SeedBank;-, NZ Plant Conservation Network has invited BGANZ- NZ to participate in the MoU partnership agreement signed with the Millennium Seed Bank(MSB).


The MSB has agreed to provide NZ based training in seed collection and vouchering. The first of these training workshops was run on May 23/24th in Auckland A proposal for a second seed bank has been discussed and feedback is currently being sought from botanic gardens to a proposal for a ‘federal’ approach whereby one national seed bank is supported by several regional seed banks that would be responsible holding regionally collected and important plant material as back up.

Trade Qualifications Review;- The TRoQ - Targeted Review of Qualifications is moving ahead at high speed. David Sole has reported on progress wearing the hats of both BGANZ-NZ and the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture. Amenity Horticulture through David efforts has been liaising with Landscape NZ the NZ Arboriculture Association to join forces to form a Horticultural Services Industry Partnership Group. This has been formally advised to the Primary Industry Training Organisation and are awaiting a response.



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