Plant conservation: An Attainable Goal for Regional Botanic Gardens.

One of the major aims/goals of botanic gardens worldwide is to play an active role and contribute in a meaningful way to plant conservation activities.

This network meeting will explore hands on, practical ways that regional botanic gardens can deliver plant conservation and support research activities. The big aim of the day is to demonstrate how plant conservation is an achievable goal for regional botanic gardens with limited resources. 

Themes to be covered are:

* An overview of the range of approaches, plant conservation principles and practices for Botanic Gardens

 *Profiling the threatened flora of Victoria highlighting species amenable to cultivation and display

*Plant conservation case studies demonstrating practical approaches to plant conservation in regional botanic gardens

 *The importance of partnerships and collaboration in achieving conservation outcomes

*How can Botanic Gardens increase awareness of the importance of plant diversity?

*Given the geographic spread of Victoria's threatened flora and is a multi-site plant conservation collection feasible? 



This program is a brilliant line up of presenters offering a broad and extensive breadth of knowledge and experience



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