BGANZ Membership Benefits 2017-18


Welcome to BGANZ.

Current BGANZ Membership


BGANZ aims to provide a variety of opportunities for professional networking, development and communication, both formal and informal.


BGANZ Benefits include:


Magazine – THE BOTANIC GARDENer – 3 issues per year


All members receive our magazine THE BOTANIC GARDENer, by email or electronically through our website, 3 times a year (March, July, and November). Generally there is a main theme for each issue and contributions are welcome. Please note not all articles have to relate to the theme. Deadlines are generally a month before publication.


Networking, training and development opportunities


The greatest membership benefit for BGANZ members is the networking with other Botanic Gardens (BG), with the opportunity to learn from the experience of others, and have access to a wide variety of shared knowledge and resources. In 2016 BGANZ has a professional development program, mainly organised through regional group events, with all members encouraged to attend their nearest event. See website for details


  • Biennial Congresses


BGANZ where possible provides attendance grants and reduced registration fees. The Congresses provide wonderful networking opportunities, technical and other information updates and the opportunity to hear about the latest big picture issues relevant to gardens. The next BGANZ congress will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, October, 2017. Start planning! It will be an exciting source of inspiration for all our members.


  • Regional Conferences


Regional Conferences provide a regional focused networking opportunity as well as the opportunity to hear about local and regional issues relevant to gardens. BGANZ Members pay a lower registration fee than non-members. All the Regional Conferences, are held in non congress years, 2016 will be the next, and details for BGANZ Vic, BGANZQ and BGANZ NSW are now listed on the Website. (as of 21 July 2016)


  • Regional Groups


Each of the four regional groups (NSW, Vic, QLD, and NZ) has a website tab where the Coordinators for the four Regional Groups can directly post their upcoming events and any relevant regional/local information at. We are aiming to further improve the website in 2016/17


  • Weekly/Monthly news updates, including all Vacancies.



Approximately once a month (or as required) an informal update of news is also circulated via email to all members, particularly if the next newsletter is still some time away. The news may include information on upcoming job vacancies (Australia/Overseas), conferences, courses and other events, invitations to comment on draft documents and other relevant material.


There is also an opportunity for the Executive Officer to send other broadcast emails to Members, to ask a question, seek advice or seek a connection to some expertise.


  • Professional Networks


BGANZ has are several professional groups that have been set up for the benefit of BGANZ members:


Botanic Gardens Records Officers Network (BRON)


This network was promoted for the first time in the newsletter The Botanic Garden of July 2010. The network aims to increase communication and information and experience sharing between botanic gardens about plant records keeping, assist with the development of standards and best practice and support staff training where appropriate.


Botanic Gardens Education Network Australia and New Zealand (BGEN)


An interim steering committee of Education and Public Programs Managers from around Australia is working towards a professional framework for BG staff working in the areas of education, interpretation, visitor/public programs, adult learning, and outreach and community engagement. This will be an online forum where we can ask each other questions, share our experiences, solve problems together and swap resources. Check the BGANZ website for further details and how to join BRON and/or BGEN.


Training and Development

 A Professional Development group provides outstanding programs and opportunities for your development. BGANZ supports this program through the Membership Fees and Contributions.


Awards and Secondments


BGANZ has introduced a number of Awards and Secondment places to support Member Professional Development. The latest on Awards and Secondments offered can be found on our website.


Our Executive Officer is Eamonn Flanagan.

Eamonn works part-time, 10 hours per week. The quickest way to contact Eamonn is via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will respond asap.


The Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ) is the chief body representing the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand.

BGANZ promotes the interests and activities of Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens and botanic gardens generally and enhances the state of botanic gardens for the benefit of the community.