Membership Fees and Forms


Subscriptions run from 1 July – 30 June 2016/17




Where a public garden is operated by a local council, please note that the subscription rates are based on the actual annual budget for the public garden, not the total local council budget.


Org 1 – budget less than $250,000 pa $200 pa  
Org 2 – budget $250,000 - $500,000 pa $475 pa  
Org 3 – budget $500,000 - $1m pa $950 pa  
Org 4 – budget $1 - $2.5m pa $2,000 pa  
Org 5 – budget more than $2.5m pa $3,900 pa  


To promote its Institutional members, the BGANZ website map will have links to all Institutional member websites (or show other contact details), as negotiated.


The Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ) is the chief body representing the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand.

BGANZ promotes the interests and activities of Australian and New Zealand botanic gardens and botanic gardens generally and enhances the state of botanic gardens for the benefit of the community.